About Us

FSS Professional Services

FSS Professional Services is the newest member of the Full Steam Staffing family of recruitment agencies. Full Steam has been successfully staffing clients for over a decade with 30+ offices across the country. Locations include branches in California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The team at FSS Professional Services has redefined the new standard in professional staffing. Our philosophy is to provide more than just qualified candidates for our clients. We are an extension of your human resources department and will assist your team by partnering with you to determine how your organization can improve all of your HR offerings. We are also committed to:

  • Having the drive, determination and discipline required to consistently perform at high levels while always finding ways to improve.
  • Being fully aware that our appearance, attitude and actions have an impact on everyone, at all levels.
  • Leading by example, regardless of job title or responsibilities.
  • Being adaptable. Many times, there are changes within an organization that require even the “best of the best” to be flexible in ways they did not foresee.

Our goal at FSS Professional Services is to provide our clients and candidates with the type of services that embody these traits.

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